Hello, I'm Harlan Lewis.

I'm a web & mobile product designer in San Francisco.

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On web mimicking native, happiness, much-desired browser scrolling features, serendipity, and flexibility.


What I mean is this: when you try to take one technology — any technology — and have it mimic another one — you’re starting from a tough place. Specifically, taking the technology of the web and making it look like a native app.

You’re always at a disadvantage — we can argue whether it’s possible to get to parity or not. I think it’s generally possible to get to parity in user experience + performance at any given time, but a fact of life is that the owners of the platform — the organization who ships the operating system — is always moving forward and will naturally advantage themselves — parity today means you’re behind tomorrow.

John Lilly

Progress of Happiness

Well, that night, stars somehow aligned and I decided to just fuck it and climb it. So there I went. And I went and went.

Can Duruk

Scrolling Grab-Bag

Here’s a grab-bag of scrolling-related things I’d like to work on in a Scrolling Module, in no particular order:

Tab Atkins Jr

In Search of Serendipity

We have our paths, our bookmarks and our feeds, and we stick closely to them.

… Zuckerman told me about a speech on serendipity he recently gave to an audience of investment managers. As he started on his theme he feared he might lose their attention, but he was pleasantly surprised to find that they hung on every word. It soon became clear why. In finance, everyone reads Bloomberg, so everyone sees the same information. Zuckerman said. What they’re looking for are strategies for finding inspiration from outside the information orbit.

Ian Leslie

Flexible Foundations

If I could go back in time 3 years I’d tell myself that the red jacket is going to make me look like an asshole. Then I’d slap myself and point out that flexible grids and flexible images are great, but ultimately I should be focused on making things truly scalable by thinking twice before I used pixel values in my CSS.

Trent Walton